Because I miss U [Heartstrings Ost] + English translation

English Translation:

Because I Miss You
by Jung Yong Hwa

Always the exactly same sky and always the same day
Only thing that is different is that you are not here

I thought I’ve let you go. Without anything left
No, no. I still haven’t been able to let you go

Longing for you, I am longing for you. Because I am longing for you, I call you and call you by myself everyday
Missing you, I am missing you. Because I am missing you, now I just call out your name like a habit. Even today

Day by day, I feel like I am dying, so what could I do?

Love you, Love you. I love you. Without even being able to tell you these, I’ve had to let you go like that
Sorry, I am sorry. Can you hear me? Could you be able to hear my late confession?

I love you.

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21 comments on “Because I miss U [Heartstrings Ost] + English translation

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  2. wla vang part 2 ang HEARTSTRING? nabtin ksi ako eh,love na love and like na like ko pah namn,sna merong part 2

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